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The Myth of “Somaliland ” Peace, Stability and Justice

Posted by Admin on January 3, 2012

Awdalstate(Edmonton)Taking advantage of Somalia’s misfortune and dismemberment, the sessionist enclave of “somaliland” has been constantly preaching to its tribesmen ( Isaaq) and pandering to the Iternational Community prepostrous and fabricated statements about their wishful, “soon-coming” recognition and “state”.

These illicit rag-tag clansmen have been feeding the people all over the world bogus and doctored information about the state of affairs at Somalia’s northern regions. They have been cunningly painting a picture of peace, stability and justice, albeit to the contrary.

Because the situation in southern Somalia has reached a dismal low point due to many factors like waring tribes, religious warmongers, foreign interference and famine, the SNM regime at Hargeisa is boasting to be better; although they are the root-cause of Somalia’s debacle by leaving it in the lurch when in need. A keen inquiring eye will easily see through the deceitful mirage and will not miss the reality that “Somaliland” is:

1. A bankrupt, troubled and smoldering territory on all corners. It is only propped up and sustained by the charitable handouts from the International Community which has unfortunately fallen for the trickster’s roost.

2. A one-clan ( isaaq ) project wrongly called “somaliland” that hates and makes no bones of undermining everything Somali.

3. An assortment of other clan members who are kept “hostage” in Hargeisa due to their selfish economic opportunism. These spineless individuals have decided to be near the “pot”- International Charities.  This group is in a perpetual dance to please the piper- Siiranyo.

4. A tribe that has armed itself to the teeth, siphoning the bulk of international aid handouts to amassing military hardware and creating a military machine, although there is an arms embargo imposed on all Somalia by the United Nations.

5. A tribe that is hostile and oppressive to neighbouring clans. The peoples of Awdalstate and SSC ( Sool, Sanaag and Cayn ) are under constant threat of this armed and belligerent  “Somaliland ” militia. Cases in point:

a). On January 1st, 2012 an armed militia – “Somaliland Police” attacked an Awdalstate  sheepherds people injuring two and taking four others as hostages.

b). On December 5th, 2011 the ” Somaliland ” militia murdered and mutilated three Awdalstate innocent civilians.

c). On  Jully 11th, 2009 ” Somaliland ” militia murdered, beheaded and mutilated four Awdalstate innocent civilians: a professor and businessmen.

d). On two other separate occasions an awdalite teenage boy went missing in “Somaliland” militia’s hands and a father and his son were killed by them.

6. A tribe that strives and insists to levy taxes on everthing all over the territory only to be spent in Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera, at the expense of Awdalstate and SSC lands.

7. A tribe that has decided to call the shots no matter what the others think or propose. In all its fabricated institutions this tribe has filled the stacks in their favour. People from other clans are treated as silent clowns who are only happy to be included in ” somaliland’s” flimsy payroll.

In the light of all the above, the International Community ought to be objective in their assessment of Somali affairs, as all the Somalis all over the world are counting on and expecting from them ( International Community ) to be fairer arbiters, promoters and judges. The Somali people  know that the International Community is equipped with all the rightful and necessary resources and know-how to be a constructive and active participant in reviving Somalia.

It will be disservice and disappointment to the Somali people if they see the sessionist “Somalilanders” being rewarded. Appeasement of the culprits is contrary to the mission of the International Community. The vision should be to mend, construct and support Somalia as one.

The peoples of Awdalstate and SSC have the facts of what is going on in their lands, and they are fed up of this illusion, collusion and appeasement. The leaders of these victimized societies are ready to take the matters in their own hands, but they still first prefer to convey their message to the International Community, lest there is left  to be a fair judge to heed.

Hassan Rirash

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Awdalstate


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