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We the people of Adal demand justice for Abdoo Maax Faarah and Ahmed Huseen Hasan .

Posted by Admin on August 29, 2010


Aug.28 – (alnuur)-First and foremost, let us remind ourselves the meaning of a prisoner of conscience as defined by the amnesty international.

“A prisoner of conscience is a person imprisoned or physically restricted because of his/her political, or other conscientiously held beliefs, national or social origin, or other status. A prisoner of conscience has not used or advocated violence or hatred.”

Now, we know that Abdoo Maax Faarah and Ahmed Huseen Hasan are in Borama jail. Ethnically they are from Awdal. They served as members of parliament in Somalia. They have neither used or advocated violence nor hatred in Somaliland, yet imprisoned just because they are members of parliament in Somalia and just because they are Samaroons if I may add while Isaaqs who are in the Somalia parliament are not in jails.

According to amnesty international laws; ?every person has a human right to physical and mental integrity: the safety and well-being of one’s body, mind and whole person. This is one of the key principles underlying many of the human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related documents.?

To elaborate a little further, the right to mental integrity means not being subject to severe mental anguish, such as death threats, jail threats and even throwing one to jail for no apparent reason without due process and other forms of harassment.

Unfortunately as we know this is becoming the norm nowadays for the SNMized Siilaanyo administration.

The two Awdalites are typically prisoners of conscience. And I hereby urge amnesty international to have a look at their case. This is one of the countless injustices of Jaanle Siilaanyo towards the Samaroons. Check out the undemocratic, triblistic, primitive laws in Somaliland;

?Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Awdal Maxamed Cabdalle, waxa uu sheegay in Somaliland sharci uga yaallo cidda reer Somaliland ah ee Shirarka dawladaha Soomaaliyeed lagu dhisayo ka qaybgala amaba xil ka qabta Soomaaliya inaanu dalka soo gali Karin, illaa uu cafis dawladda Somaliland soo waydiisto, isla markaana ka noqdo waxa uu aamminsan yahay, haddii uu dalka soo galo cafis la’aanna in la xidho.?

If that is so, what about the more than thirty Isaaqs who happened to be members of the parliament in Somalia who are freely living and/or staying in Somaliland? How come the laws and regulations of the Somaliland government don’t apply to them? How about the dadqalato who slaughtered the innocent Awdalites who are freely living in Gabilay? Check out the following as sourced out from Haatufta Maanta which happens to be a well known truth;

?Maxaa loola yaabayaa xubnaha ee Baarlamanka TFG-da ka tirsanaa ee naftu keentay ee Boorama caymadka ku yimid, sawtii maaha laba xildhibaan oo ka mid ah Baarlamanka Somalia ay joogeen xafladdii ay Rayaale iyo Siillaanyo xilka kula kala wareegeen?

Mida kale miyaan la ogayn in baryahanba xubnaha dawladdii Sheekh Shariif kusoo badanayeen dalkan oo maalmo dhaweyd Hargeysa lagu arkayey Agaasimihii Wasaaradooda Maaliyada iyo Wasiirkii u qaabilsanaa Arimaha Fadaraalka?

This is not democracy and equality. This is not a government of the people for the people by the people but pure Siilaanyo fascism. We the people of Adal here by demand that all prisoners of conscience be set free unconditionally.

Under international law, Siilaanyo has no basis for holding Abdoo Maax Faarah and Ahmed Huseen Hasan as prisoners of conscience. We the people of Adal call for fair and prompt trials for Abdoo Maax Faarah and Ahmed Huseen Hasan – or else their release from prison.

Siilaanyo’s administration is nothing less than that of Myanmar. None the less, we the people of Adal remind Jaanle Siilaanyo that the right to a fair trial is one of the cornerstones of the international human rights system – a key element of international human rights law and many human rights treaties.

Let it be known that the people of Adal can afford to lose their freedom for a short time but Somaliland cannot afford to lose its hope for recognition for ever if Siilanyo keeps his injustices.

I lastly urge Siilaanyo to free the prisoners of conscience – Abdoo Maax Faarah and Ahmed Huseen Hasan. I also urge him to change his Habarjeclo privilages to Somaliland privilages.

Suleiman A Dugsiye


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