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Djibouti’s invasion in Somaliland soil makes Rayaale a traitor and bigotry liar.

Posted by Admin on January 27, 2010

In his latest press conference Mr Rayaale insisted only his government has the legitimacy to decide anything that goes within its border and he vigorously dismissed the calls that coming from Somaliland’s leading Sultans and other traditional leaders in the country who are greatly concerning about the direction that Rayaali’s policy is taking the country .

However Mr Rayaal’s behaviour is becoming unpredictable by the day and he is acting like bank robber rather than a state president because no president can allow the cabinet members from another country to come in to his country from the back door without official invitations. But it seems that Rayaale chose his special interests to over take his duties by allowing Djibouti’s government to invade the sovereignty and the integrity of Somaliland soil and there is no doubt that Rayaale is selling out Somaliland.

Somalilanders are being naïve to accept Rayaal’s theories about special relationship between Djibouti/Somaliland and it utter nonsense to say Djibouti government respect the people of Somaliland and their wishes, because we are all aware how Djibouti government lead by dictator Gelle has created many obstacles for Somaliland’s interest in the past and nothing has change at present time except that Rayaale found a friend who he can rely on while he is deceiving us.

 The big belly dictator Ismail Omar Gelle is Rayaal’s master for dictatorial rule and he teaches Rayaale how to hold on to power while he is robbing and selling our resources, in return not only Mr Rayaale allows him to intervene in Somaliland internal affairs but he is acting like he is Gelle’s governor which makes Somaliland Djibouti’s 4th district.

For example the foreign born king who will be flying from his hometown Diridhaba in Ethiopia in to Somaliland will be crowned in Selel region inside Somaliland territory and the sponsor of this whole affair is Dictator Ismail Omar Gelle, and his poodle in Somaliland Mr Rayaale is the tool that Mr Gelle is using for this to happen. At the same time Mr Gelle had only recent well come in to his country bunch of Somaliland dissidence from Sool region who many people including Somaliland government believe to be the sources of the violence in Sool region  . So that is the double standard which Mr Gelle is playing with Somaliland people and Rayaale is the traitor we trust with our future.

Perhaps Mr Rayaale lost his optimism and he knows the fact that he failed to persuade the world to recognise Somaliland but even if that is the case he should have show some respect for the SomaliLanders who trust him with their future and the future of their children.

It is true as the say that you may fool all the people some of the times but you can not fool all of the people all the times. And Rayaale may have fool many people including myself with his bogus patriotism in the past, but not anymore and from Ceeleeye to Lawyacade people should rise against this unpredictable traitor before he bring upon us a further devastation.

To day if Ethiopia behaves the way Djibouti government is behaving towards Somaliland I am sure people would have been quick with their condemnations but there are no difference between Djibouti and Ethiopia interventions because the reason we want to be independent from the rest of Somalia is to maintain our dignity as well as our sovereignty and our children future.

Furthermore, instead of setting an example for the people of Djibouti who are suffering in the hands of the most manipulative dictator in the East Africa we are letting ourselves to be under his fetid wings and that is indeed most depressing position to be.

In conclusion Rayaale and Gelle have been digging a long hole for Somaliland and they are about to bury it and it is time we should wake up to the reality.


 Today is Selel, tomorrow is sool and Sanaag, and until Rayaale’s belly matches Gelle’s belly things will continue if we don’t stop these greedy dictators.


Cabdale Farah Sigad    



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