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7/11 Criminals still at large

Posted by Admin on December 11, 2009

Dec 11 – (alnuur)-July 11 was the date when curses shadowed the skies over Gabilay, poison filled the hearts of the dadqalato and heavens opened doors for the victims of Awdal. July 11 was the date when savage cowards changed the peaceful happy atmosphere of Dilla Gabilay road into a primitive Stone Age lawless region. July 11 was the date when the most horrific crimes ever in Somali soil were committed against innocent citizens of Somaliland just because they belonged to Samaroon clan. July 11 was the date when the citizens of the area were sorted out as ?Gun? and ?Gob?. July 11 was the date when the dadqalato were classified as ?gun? for ever and the innocent Samaroons as the ?Gob? of the area. July 11 was the date when the dadqalato were labeled as the lowest of the low (gun gunteed).

The crimes were one of the most horrific murders ever seen in a land not known for horrific murders. It’s been reported that the criminals were as cruel as they could be and enjoyed their crimes. According to those who saw the bodies it appeared that the criminals not only wanted to kill, they wanted the victims to suffer before they died. Basically they were tortured in cold blood. Monsters with horrible thoughts in their heads destroyed lives. Useless criminals who failed in life shortened the lives of those who worked hard to succeed.

As is known the crime has been initiated by greedy idiots whose motto was to create chaos as to their benefits. These were deliberately crimes against humanity and intentional killings to start a civil war in the country. Some body should be held responsible for the crimes.

Somaliland claims that it is a government with its own justice system. But if that is true shouldn’t it be capable of punishing crime and protecting its law-abiding citizens? Obviously, Somaliland lacks a working justice system.

Waxaan la yaabay Somaliland oo shalay xustay maalinta xuquuda aadamiga. Runtii arintaasi waxay ku tahay qowmiyada reer Awdal meel wal oo ay joogaanba dhirbaaxo labaad oo si kas ah loogula badheedhay. Waxaana masuul ka ah Madaxwaynaha. Sobobtu waxay tahay madaxwaynaha waa inay u sinaadaan dadka reer Somaliland. Xuquuqdooduna mid ahaataa. Ma aha arin in dad loo diido xuquudooda hadana loo dabaaldago xuquuqda dadka.

Hadii la xusay xuquuqda qofka aadamiga ah, maxaa ku dhacay xuquuqdii haldoorkii reer Awdal ee gardarada lagu dilay danbiilayaashiina raaxaysanayaan. Maxaa ku dhacay xuquuqda dadka masaakiinta ah ee dhulkoodii lagu maagayo ee la dilayo. Ma dad gaar ah ayuunbay ilaalinta xuquuqda qofku ku socotaa.

A capable justice system punishes criminals for their crimes and removes potentially dangerous criminals (dadqalato) from society. But to our dismay the dadqalato are enjoying life in their homes. That fact justifies that Somaliland government functions in contrast to world justice systems. Rather than punishing criminals for their actions, the government of Somaliland sympathizes with the criminals (Dadqalato), hides them and continues to attempt to comfort them on the expense of the law-abiding citizens.

The government ignores the fact that punishments serve to protect the society and also serve as deterrents to other would-be criminals. Obviously if the government continues its policy of harboring the criminals then we must look always over our shoulders as the savage can do again.

Malaha dabaaldaga maalinta xuquuqda aadamigu waxay ku socotay sida dowladu u nabad galisay dadqalatada oo loo xusay shaqada fiican ee ay ka qabteen taageerka ay ku taageereen xaqdarida dadkii dambiga falay iyo siday dowladu u diiday inay maxkamad soo taagaan.

Again and amazingly, as has been reported recently Mr. Justice Minister has been busy renovating and modernizing the jails of Somaliland. C’mon Mr. Minister what happened to your logic? Wouldn’t it be better to develop the will, moral and the courage to capture the criminals (dadqalato) rather than modernizing your jails? By the way, the dadqalato might be chewing qaad in a place not far from your office if at all you have the will to do your job honestly. And let me remind you one thing Mr. Minister, you have to have the will and the courage to resolve problems of the past before going forward into the high tech future if you know what I mean!!! Do your work Mr. Minister, Capture the criminals and then celebrate for the human rights day….

There should be some basic principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power. Common sense dictates that offenders must be punished for their crimes. But that never happened and is not expected to happen. Also it is simple common logic, when public officials or other agents acting in an official or quasi-official capacity violate national criminal laws; the victims should receive restitution from the government whose officials or agents were responsible for the harm inflicted. But again that did never happen.

Instead, Somaliland dared to lie to the world and celebrated for the human rights day which never exists in the land of the dadqalato.

The question is who is responsible for the crimes? I think it is fair to say that the responsibility rests on the ministers of interior and justice who failed to bring justice to the families of the victims and to the citizens of the land in general. To go a little further it is the president who is in turn responsible for the actions of his cabinet. Therefore, it is again fair to put the blame on the president.

Mr. President, let me remind you that waiting for what the heart desires is the hardest part of life. Awdalites have been waiting for you to give the orders to capture the dadqalato and punish them as they deserve. Your citizens are waiting for you to comfort their hearts and capture the criminals. Such people have no hearts and have no place in your Somaliland. Capture them and slaughter them in front of all the people. Only after you can celebrate for the human rights day. You have the power to do so today but Mr. President be reminded that in the after life…? al amru yowma idin lilaah…?—orders belong to Allah in the after life—–

Make no mistake about it, the slaughtering of the innocent Samaroons was beyond cruel and unusual, and the monsters that committed the crime could well be capable of striking again. If the dadqalato are not brought to justice that might encourage them to do it again and Samaroons must know that the only thing that qualifies for the slaughter is just to be a Samaroon. Any one can be slaughtered. Belonging to UDUB or Kulmiye or UCID will not spare you. Samaroons must put pressure on the government to do the right thing and bring justice to Awdal.

Iskusoo wada xoori, Samaroons must keep in their hearts that:

1. We can’t always care for others or we forget to care for ourselves.
2. Our family relationships are sacred commitments that should be protected
3. We need to balance our desires with a large dose of common sense.

Allaha qaadirkii janatul fardowsa haka waraabiyo shuhadaadii lagu dilay xaq darada.

Suleiman Abdi Dugsiye


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