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My Somaliland and your Somliland is no more our Somaliland.

Posted by Admin on September 22, 2009

DugsiyeI read the article “Tribe Worshipping S/Land Is Not My S/Land!” by Noah Arre, with interest. It was well written and moving. Unfortunately with all due respect, it is sad to say, that little country called Somaliland – Your Somaliland and my Somaliland is no more our Somaliland. It is not the Somaliland we all had in mind. It has gone nuts and has become the “Slaughter land”. The land of the beast. The country of the eccentric. The land of insanity. The land of the dadqalato. The kitchen of Suleyman Gaal and his gangs. A place where there is no freedom, no peace, no democracy, nothing but fear and frustration.

We have been cheated for eigteen years. We have been in endurance for that many years and hoping for the better year in year out, but to no avail. It is getting worse day after day and every Somalilander is the witness. What has been hidden for that many years appeared out of the blue, and we are finally seeing it clearly. There is a root to the problem and we are right at the bottom of it now.

The Somaliland that was supposed to be all inclusive refused to remain so and preferred to be exclusive. The whole thing was lip singing and they could not hide it any more. So they shed it out. My dear Adalite, check this out:

” …. Hadii aan Isaaq nahay waa in aan dalka qabsanaa oon ka qaadnaa Rayaale, waxani waa waali ma waxa aynu eeganaa waxan, ma wasiiradan la adeegsanaayo ee arimaha gudaha maaliyada iyo hawlaha guud ayaynu eeganaa oo lagu shaqaysnaayo, waa in aan iska xoraynaa maamulkan aan Isaaqa ahayn oo aan keenaa madaxweyne Isaaq ah….” This was delivered in speech by Samaale.

The above quote was written by a Somaliland patriotic gentleman of Isxaaq clan in an article who did not like the policies of the gangs. The whole artice is posted on warsanmag article section and is titled as “Samaale Miyaanu Aheyn kiii Yaa ISAAQAY Lahaa.”

That was the real intention of Somaliland. That is what is being exposed out nowadays. Rayaale oo qudha ayaa ku dhex jira. Kiina ma ogola wakaa shaaca ka qaaay Samaale. Awdalay wax ku qaado oo ku quuso. Hadii Rayaale aan la rabin ogow ka taageeraya Rayaalana lama ogola. Ka kale ee ku jira Kulmiye ama Ucud na lama ogola. That is what is killing Somaliland. That is what turned Somaliland into Isxaaqland. And let it be. Let the boat sink and let us see who loses the most. What is amazing is the fact that the words came out of the mouth of a supposedly responsible man. A man Somalilanders trusted to lead to betterment.

Surely the metamorphosed idiot put his feet into his mouth and exposed what was hiding in his sick heart whose arrogance exceeds his ignorance. That is the kind of unintelligent politician who turned Somaliland into Zooland. That is the kind of a politician who is turning the “the little country that could!” into the ” the little land of secrets.”

Somaliland ma ahayn dowlad daacad dadkeeda u ah mana noqon doonto. Ma ahayn dowlad nabada dadkeeda ilaalisa. Ma ahayn mana aha dowlad dadka la dulmiyayo u adeegta ilaalisana. Waxa taa ka markhaati ah sida dowlad ku sheegu ilaa hada uga aamusantahay arimihii foosha xumaa ee ka dhacay dariiqa u dhaxeeya Dilla iyo Gabilay ee dadqalatadu ku qasheen dadkii musaafurka ahaa ee Samaroon Allaha u naxariistee.

Somaliland waa dowlad qabiilo ku dhisnayd kuna dhisan oo marka horebe ujeedo laga lahaa. Waa dowlad loogu adeegsanayo dhul balaadhsi. Waxa taa ka markhaati ah sida loogu dacatiyayo dadka masaakiinta ah ee looga boobayo dhulkoodii waligoodba ay ku noolaayeen ee dowladuna taageerayso.

Somaliland waa dowlad qabiilo ku dhisan oo dadkeedu u sinayn. Waxa taa ka markhaati ah sida dadka masaakiinta ah een waxba galabsan maalin walba loogusoo duulayo ee ayna dowladu ka hadlayn waxna ka qabanayn. Dowlad maaha Somaliland ee waa wax ay qabiilo leedahay ee magaca Somaliland yaan lawasakhayn ee halaga badilo oo haloo bixiyo Isaaqland ammaba Samaaleland kolba sidii la jeclaado…Gaalland qudheeda waa mid u furan…

My dear Adalite, Somaliland is feeling like a turtle without a shell nowadays and surley it will remain that way forever. There will always be snakes in the Somaliland politics that will take a bite. There is no hope for the little country that is full of secrets. It is in its diminishing return. We have been ignoring the truth for more than eighteen years and now we seem to be ready to finally share how we are feeling. Let it go!!! let Somaliland go. Let Adalland flourish…

My dear Adalite, something has unlocked and the cage is open. It is time to fly and expand our wings. Let Somaliland go. It is time to sing… kana siib kana saar… Ka Somaliland siib oo ka Adalland saar.

What is happening in Hargeisa is more than insult and we have been trying to ignore it for so many years, but we are almost done with juggling for the unthankful. It is time for our home land. It is time to let Somaliland go and establish Adalland. There is the energy of abundance all around us, we have to soak it and establish Adalland. We are receptive today and emotionally ready for the next step. So sing along with me …kana siib kana saar….

We are finally seeing the root cause of the problem. What is happening in Hargeisa is telling us something, and that is to move on and let go of what is dragging us down. It is time for change, and surely it will be for the better.

We see the dream, and the reality, it is time to connect the dots. It is time for our Adaland.

My dear Adalites it is time to trust the inner voice. It is time for Awdal to let Somaliland go. We are all together on this journey, So we have to enjoy the connection while it lasts and don’t over think the finish line.

Suleiman Abdi Dugsiye


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