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The declaration of Adal State

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009


awdalflag “If you care enough for Awdal(Adal)

make it rise and stand alone State

for one more time in the history

                                                     for me and for you and for the entire Adalites”

It’s a real feeling of a heart and true thoughts of a mind that adores and respects the history of Gadabursi nation and its deep-rooted civilization of Adal Empire that once existed for the entire Somalis and the Muslims in the horn of Africa.

I never adored or have respect for any of the alive politicians of Awdal(Adal) regardless of their political party that’s not because I hate them on the basis of their ethnic tribes but I hate them for their lack of Commitment,Vision,and Sacrifice and because they all are dependent clause politicians as I stated in my previous Article.

As a young Adalite generation we hate these politicians in state that we want all of them to perish to be replaced by true patriotic Adalites, for them(Adal politicians)they deserve not to be respected by their young generations of Adal because they never thought of us,never even in one day talked about our precious history,existence and our interests in the Somali regions as well as in the horn of Africa as a whole but instead they all make their hatefull livings and fortune because of our name and land,



about this map;have a look at this map this is the current map of the so called somaliland,see how they  divided and took the land and the coast of awdal region what is left for us. 1-salal,2-awdal,3-gabiley,4-maroodi-jees or hargaysa, look they all have coast where do you think they get it,it is your land ,your coast that is what our politicians about to sign if we force ourselves in this regime,look gabiley have a big land and region where you think they get it ,it is your own land what is now been called gabiley region, i am not saying let wage a war against no body i am saying let is have our region  back  and form our own regional state of adal.


Some of them gave us names to divide us,some of them gave away our boundaries and land that once our precious Ancestors and fore-politicians reserved and left for us,Some of them erased our history by seperating Adal region with non-sense names like salal with giving away our precious city of Saylac,what the hell they thought they were doing when they was doing something like that,in what kind of brain they were using by giving the name of Awdal(Adal) to Borama and leaving  aside the place where the name originated with a name it does not deserve and people who really don’t belong to or  are second class citizens,and Some of them used our names to join and support brutal campaigns against Adalite people , Some of them are silent still till this raw moment for my pen is writing to witness,put it all in one we have nothing for these politicians apart from a grudge.

So now what it is that going to happen next for Adalite people?

As it goes saying ” the law of floating things was not discovered by contemplating the law of sinking things”

To All Adalites;

as a citizens of Adal region let’s all talk about our statehoodness, our uniqueness, and our history and existence,let’s decide our fate and destiny while still it is in our hands as it goes saying “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, It is a thing to be acheived” so let’s not only talk about about our statehoodness but also defend our right to be regional adminstration,let’s name it today and say ‘Regional state of Adal’ its flag is already been designed by some true Adalites we know that we don’t need argument at this moment,the flag have blue and white colours with a Islam sign in the middle, the blue color of the Adal flag means infinite prosperity like the sky or uncountable prosperity like the Oceans insha allah,the white color of our flag means the light that we use to see and the education that learn to know and finally the Islam sign in the middle of the flag stands for the first rise of Muslim Empire and people in the horn of Africa it is so perfect and beautiful what else you could have it, you tell me..

Adal  Flag

The flag Of the Regional State of Adal


So Dear Adalites;

let establish our Regional State with dignity and proud first in our hearts surely it will be established in our land afterwards.

To All Intellectuals,Professors,Educators,Elites of Adal people;

no matter where you are in the world,no matter what political activity you are/were involved it is your turn now to leave aside your differences or your personal beliefs and interests whatsoever that hold you back to support this to come together.

it is your turn to come together in this very soon and holy months to discuss the fate of Adal Region(previously known Awdal) and declare that Adal region is no longer with any previous existed groups like Somalia and the so called somaliland but instead it is independent fully and is “Regional State of Adal” waiting for to go only under a federal government but having everything of thiers like house of parliament,local councils,house of elders, stateness,adminstration,flag,and constitution and their land as whole(previously known Awdal)(from lawyado to bulahar and far beyond the city of dilla) the whole region that was left by the Somalia government before its collapse ,under its own government,it is your turn to declare fully the independence of Adal State again like it is been declared diferently in 1995 when some Adalite Intellectuals sent their concern of Independence to United Nations, but this time we are not the same, we are very serious about this issue and we want our Province to have Regional Adminstration and to be achieved very nearly insha allah so please Dears commit yourselves to it and keep in mind that we are genuinely waiting for you.

I would like to say proudly and loudly;

“we Adalites,don’t want to go under Somalia or the so called Somaliland but only on federal basis and only after a very carefully studied discustions set after when we have our own Regional State of Adal”

for now Dear all let’s see what comes after our article and please dear readers stand up once when you finish reading this articles or about to read this line for sake of Our Regional State, please feel that with me ,it will magnify the Importance of Adal,the first Muslim and Somali Empire in the horn of Africa,and it will tell its dearness in our heart and reveal how much it does mean to you to be Adalite person or Muslim supporter.

many thanks

Senior Member of http://www.somalilandeye.com/ Media Network

Naftii hure; Sir Samaron Robleh Hassan



‘Get Freedom Or Die Trying’

This program is initiated and hosted by The Eye And Boon News Media Network*

 officially started in 30 July,2009

*Today The Eye Media Network is pleased to introduce to you a new unique Serial Chapter of News where you can follow up the latest Articles ,News and informations about the search and the struggle of Adal people for independent state of Adal Republic , we named this great  chapter of struggle “Get freedom or die trying” it will be a topic full of  serial freedom fighters Articles,speeches,news and infomations ,it will be a place where  Adalites  start their bit of struggle to enforce full functional and independent State of Adal republic.

HERE we Start today and WE won’t let it stop*(IA), WE promise, WE just can’t do that to Adal people before we tried first ,We’ll continue fighting,writing,by any means untill  the sun of freedom is seen by the people of Adal,Untill Adal State is Formed, Untill it is independent and functional ,Untill it stands alone,Untill we done,Untill Adal is free or We die Trying.



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