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Ceelbardale problem was settled by late Egal Let us leave it at that

Posted by Admin on August 29, 2009

booreCabdiraxman Tuur (AHUN) incited the Ceelbardaale land dispute in early sixties while he was the district commissioner of Gabiley by assigning the Baha-Samaroon land to some isaaq personalities so that he could create an everlasting land dispute in the area. He did that intentionally. However, President Egal (AHUN) fixed the problem. There was no need to revisit issue, because President Egal made the right decision in early nineties, and returned Ceelbardale to its rightful owner of the Reer Nuur clan. President Egal made the right decision because he knew the story behind the story and was with it since its beginning in early sixties.

President Egal was in Mogadishu in early sixties and did not have much time for local politics when Cabdiraxman Tuur was erecting a long lasting wall between neighboring cousins, nieces and nephews in Ceelbardale, so the western Somali-land citizens could never get along. Mr. Tuur knew in his heart that the western-Somaliland citizens could dominate the Somaliland politics if they ever got along. Mr. Tuur (AHUN) did not want to see the west dominate Somaliland politics so he devised a system of zoning Baha-Samaroon land to some of his friends from the Jibril Abokor clan in order to create an ever-lasting land disputes between cousins. Mr. Tuur’s fear was realized when he was forced to walk away from his presidential car in the middle of the day at the center of the capital Hargeysa. He knew he lost the battle and fled to Mogadishu.

Moreover, Ceelbardale the issue was instigated further by the Siyad Barre regime who wanted to keep the Gadabuursi and the Isaaq at war President Egal thoroughly understood the problem and was aware of Mr. Tuur’s vicious political tactics and reversed the poisonous decades old decision. President Egal made the decision because it was the right to do. There was no need for a delegation of any kind at this time. The government should have brought the assailants to justice and left it at that. The selected Guurti were an extension of Cabdiraxman Tuur, and were biased from the start. I am questioning why President Rayaale accepted such fraudulent advice.

We, the Gadabuuris people, do not recognize either the need or the existence of any Ceelbardale delegation. The government must do its job; bring the culprits to justice, and if the government can not provide basic protection to its citizens, the citizens will be forced to defend themselves. We the Gadabuursi Diaspora all over the World support the Reer Nuur elders’ decision to boycott the fraudulent, myopic, clan-invested, and demagogic process. Most Gadabursi elders were very anxious and concerned about the way the process started and the biased Guurti delegation selection. The whole process was corrupt from the start.


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