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Somaliland must not be recognized by the international community

Posted by Admin on August 9, 2009

Somaliland flagSomaliland must not be recognized by the international community
Aug.09 – It must be clear to us all that peace is life. One of the most important rights of mankind. We all know that on July 11, this human right was infringed in Somaliland. Although the government of the cosmetic democratic Republic always claims that it protects and serves this right, the barbarous, indiscriminate slaughtering of the innocent Adelites by Gabilay cannibals (dad qalatadii reer Gabilay) proved other wise. Uptodate, those primitive, uncivilzed criminals are on the loose. And the government is dragging its feet to capture the criminals and to find a permanent peaceful solution. That being obvious to any Somalilander, the question is then;

Is Somaliland a government? First and foremost, let us remind ourselves the responsibilities of any government including that of the Somaliland which claims to be one;

Every government is responsible for the general peace of its citizens, and Somaliland is of no exception (no exception to the general rule). We know that as identified by their missions and as claimed in the constitutions, governments are to prevent social violence, war, and to promote peace and harmony throughout the land. In the same token, the constitutions also declare that it is the responsibility of the government to bring prevention-oriented and problem-free administration.

Now, it is common knowledge that governments put that in perspective. Every government that comes to power says that it would work for peace and equality. But what makes the difference is its implementation. We Somalilanders know that the government failed to protect its citizens and to serve their rights of peace. There is no peace in Somaliland at the present time. People are being slaughtered for no apparent reason. Waa la isku duulayaa oo xoolaha lakala dhacayaa oo lagu noqday casrul jaahiligii. And even worse the government is just watching and as reported, government forces are helping the criminals commit their crimes.

Remember, I said before that peace is life and one of the most important rights of mankind. That is to say Somaliland failed its own people. Therefore Somaliland is not a government and must not be allowed to be one of the recognized governments by the world community. In other words, Somaliland must not be recognized; simply because it failed to fulfil the requirements to be a legitimate government. Where there is no peace there is nothing but fear and frustration – a situation that describes well what the people of Somaliland are experiencing now.

Is Somaliland democratic?

We can think of democracy as a system of government with many key elements but I want to lay stress upon two:

The Rights of Citizens in a Democracy

In a democracy, every citizen has certain basic rights that the state cannot take away from them. These rights are guaranteed under international law. Every citizen has the right to peace. Every citizen has the right to associate with other people, and to form and join organizations of their choice, including trade unions. Every citizen is free to move about the country, and if he/she wishes, to leave the country. Every citizen has the right to justice. In a democracy, one tribe or group does not always win everything it wants. But in Somaliland viceversa is true. In a democracy all the citizens are equal before the law. However, everyone has an obligation to exercise these rights peacefully, with respect for the law and for the rights of others.

Somaliland citizens do no have the above rights and especially at the present time. No peace, no free movement etc. Therefore Somaliland is not a democratic country and hence, should not be recognized by the civilized world community.

The Rule of Law

Democracy is a system of rule by laws, not by individuals. In a democracy, the rule of law protects the rights of citizens, maintains order, and limits the power of individuals and tribes. All citizens are equal under the law. No one may be arrested, imprisoned without due process. No one is above the law, not even a tribe or an an individual. The law is fairly, impartially, and consistently enforced, by courts that are independent of the other branches of government. The rule of law places limits on the power of government. No government official may violate these limits. No governor, minister, or political party can tell a parliament or a judge how to decide a case. Office holders cannot use their power to enrich themselves. Every citizen must respect the rights of his or her fellow citizens, and their dignity as human beings.

None of the above is exercised in Somaliland. As a matter of fact, all matters contrary to the rule of laws are practiced in Somaliland. Principles and rules of democratic conduct are not observed by any body including the government officials in the land of insanity. Laws are not respected by the government. People embrace violence and take the law in their own hands with the eyeful watch of the government. Somaliland is not a place where the rule of law functions. Therefore, it should not be recognized by the international community.

Iskusoo wada xoori;

In light of the above facts, Samaroons must not waste any more time for the nonsense expectaions that will never come true. It is time for us all to take matters in our own hands and pave the way to betterment and good future with security and stability for our children. It is time for Awdalland. Waan karnaa oon kasnaa. That is a fact and we can do better than the present Somaliland where there is no peace and stability. For there is nothing but fear and frustration, we can make our own Republic. Yes the Republic of Awdalland. A government of the civilized people of Samaroon. A government for the civilized people of Samaroon. A government by the civilized people of Samaroon.




Suleiman Abdi Dugsiye



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