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ARDAA Press Release: Justice delayed is justice denied.

Posted by Admin on August 7, 2009

ardaaAlmost one month has passed since July 11, 2009 (hereinafter referred to as 711) when four innocent travellers hailing from the Adal regions were butchered on the Dilla-Kalabaydh road on the basis of their clan. The people of Adal in general and the families of the victims of this heinous crime in particular, have waited for justice with unprecedented patience that has no parallel in the traditions of the Somali society. But unfortunately it has become clear that the government of Somaliland has no power to arrest the criminals or is unwilling to perform its duty toward its citizens from Adal or is unnervingly oblivious to the impact of the cold blooded murder on the relative peace and stability in Somaliland. The fact that the murderers are being protected and shielded from justice, in the name of a clan, is also a very dangerous precedent in Somaliland.

The government can be implicated on the murder case because the culprits used military vehicles, army uniform, and a high ranking commander was present at the crime scene, according to the reports of the survivors. If the government did not disassociate itself from the crime by explaining how its resources were used to kill innocent travellers, then it is obvious that government officials were collaborating with the killers.

It is sad to say the political parties refused to denounce this dreadful murder. The three parties have one thing in common: they need the votes of the Adal communities but are indifferent to their welfare.

Very few notables outside Adal regions have spoken out against this slaughter. For those who have expressed sadness about the murder, we say thank you for your sincere feelings. Surely the families of the victims appreciate your support. However, most of the leaders and members of the civil society, members of the Gurti, and the Parliament, judicial system have just kept quiet about the killings. To these groups, we say surely you have failed the families of the victims and you have failed the justice obligated on every Muslim under Islamic as well as the rule of law. Silence is a sign of acceptance and it holds true that the position taken by these sectors of the society, the government, and the political parties are not only surprisingly unconscionable but also are tantamount to unequivocal support for the murderers.

For the Somaliland society, we would like to draw their attention that there is no development, no progress, and no stability that can be achieved without peace. Justice denied for one person is justice denied for the whole society. If the murders and anyone who collaborated with them politically, materially, or any other form are not brought to justice, then the thin fibre that was holding this society together for the last nineteen years have been severely damaged.
In the light of the foregoing situations, Adal Resources and Development Assistance Association (ARDAA) condemn this outrageous and dastardly act of killing of 711 in unequivocal terms and calls upon:

1- The people of Adal regions to stand united and to demand their rights and rights of the families of the victims untiringly, and not to rest until the perpetrators of this crime are apprehended and brought to justice,

2- The government to discharge its responsibilities under the laws of the land and arrest the criminals and those who collaborated with them immediately,

3- The opposition parties to live up to their responsibilities as potential candidates to the country’s leadership and press the government to arrest the criminals of Dilla-Kalabaydh killings of 711.

ARDAA believes this deplorable crime will seriously undermine the peace and stability of Somaliland, the only two achievements that Somaliland sells to the international community. The fact that the criminals are still at large after one month of the crime shatters any hope that the Somaliland people had aspirations for recognition and nationhood. The people of Adal have been the pillars of Somaliland’s peace and future ambition but the cold blooded murder of four innocent travellers has exposed the supremacy of tribalism over government institutions.

Finally, we call upon the Somaliland government institutions, the political parties, traditional leaders, the civil society and the media to rise above the tribal arrogance that promotes internecine fighting and stand for justice, fairness, and equality for all that leads to success and better life for everyone.

Let us give peace a chance and bring justice and closure to the families of the victims.

For and on behalf of Adal Resources and Development Assistance Association (ARDAA)



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