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Awdalites are Mourning: Gabiley Should Bring The Killer Soon to Give Solace Their Grief

Posted by Admin on July 19, 2009

zpp4Awdalites are Mourning: Gabiley Should Bring The Killer Soon to Give Solace Their Grief
In an outpouring of local grief, thousands came out to mourn the death of four innocent and unarmed civilians, who were indisputably abducted, killed, and mutilated while they were traveling along the intra-district road between Dilla and Hargeisa, in Borama City. The only reason for their killing was their tribal lineage. As barbaric and inhumane as these killings were, still some Gabiley peers are not fazed by it and harboring these perpetrators while some others are scorning the killings to an outside agitation. It is now the 10th day since these barbaric killings took place and no sign from Gabiley reacting appropriately to Awdal elders demand and Somaliland by large.

So far Gabiley actions are so fastidious that only handing their criminals to the law will attest to their sincerity for Sl people rallying call for justice for the innocent killed. Let it be known to the entire NOT all Gabiley people has conspired with the perpetrator to carry out these barbaric killings. Surely they are some rotten apples among them like any other people in any district.

One thing is sure though, clan sentiment was the underpinning and recruited to channel resentment and enmity through these killings and in fact has only been wheeled out now under the heels of what has taken place in Ceel-bardale. Since all the deceased (AUN) were not from the sub-clan involved in Ceel-bardale dispute, however, it was only aimed for broader ramifications – stoking an all out war between brothers Samaroun and Isaak.

The piling -up of petty and un-rightfully complains is an important aspect of a tribalism movement culture. For our politicians and national army brass and any one else who believe that Somali land peace and security consist of the trampling of other clan’s rights by them – that culture is one big insult to the many of the pious and the patriotic and the traditional – Ceel bardale’s long list of unfair and disrespectful treatment is become the most attractive feature.

Our national conversation about curbing clan chauvinism is crippled by the vocabulary in which our self-named politicians conduct it; a case in hand, Muuse Bixi, in his interview with BBC described these hijackings and barbaric killings as blood feud. As the American author, poet, and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau famously remarked, “If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good., I should run for my life”. Thoreau feared a single, unarmed man approaching him with such a passion in his heart.

Too many of us including politicians and unfortunately army brass embrace the apparatus of clan culture professing the same design. We must stop winging with issues that are so sensitive, require wisdom, and conflict solving experiences unless we are well-suited , honest, sincere, and fair.

Lately our Isaak elders are struck with the magnitude of these barbaric killings and are now scrambling to ride the groundswell of Awdal sad feeling against these horrendous killings. But according to the panoply of communiques that were issued and hit local media by these elders along with Sool elders, who all are, undoubtedly sincere for a fair mediation between the two brotherly communities on issues, are a peremptory mandamus. But the point of departure for resolving current issue is certainly none other than what has been told to them by Awdal elders; Gabiley elders should first bring their criminals to justice and all looted cars and cargo back to the bereaved families.

And let there be no doubt that bringing the culprits of these killings to justice will serve to earn trust in Gabiley and give solace to families who have lost their loved ones. Awdal elders should remember : Your demand should be non-negotiable, set-in-stone, and a prelude to any discussion with Gabiley. The families of the deceased would not have in any other way for closure and so as the Somali land people.

The ball is in Gabiley court. I am optimistic though.

There is another outrageous, dereliction of duties, and ethical failure in epic proportions; regiments of national army were dispatched prior to the recent fight that broke out in Ceel-bardale. They were hunkered down in a buffer zone between the feuding militias to curb incursion of one into other side. One has to wonder then, how militia from Gabiley crossed passes the national army posts to commit invasion? Awdal then has every right to demand an answer from the government and request for an internal investigation to reveal accomplices in the army.

How can the national army fail to capture the killers and their mafia gangs marauding in that disputed area until now? Why do we bother to have government and law if one acts upon wishes with no regard of the pain and suffer his/her actions cause on others? How can a sub-clan over turn the law of the land? What difference then there is compared to the lawlessness in Mogadishu?

These questions are begging for answers and the government should answer.

In the center of any criminal case there is the dark heart and the iron hand of the law. In this case the iron hand of the law is missing. Let us not squander but parley this unfortunate moment to come together for an everlasting solution to Ceel-bardale issue to instill the love of peace once again in that turf.

I conclude this missive with my sincere condolence and sympathy to ALL ( from Gabiley and Dilla) families who lost their loved ones in this Ceel-bardale saga. And the families of those innocent killed, who are now the face of tribal hatred and our guidance for a change in the way we, Somaliland, behave towards each other and a call for a stronger government to carry out the iron hand of the law of the land in every instance.

Mowliid Magare
Seattle, WA

Email: mmowliid@hotmail.com


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