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The Barbaric Incident in Somaliland – Part1…By Suleiman Egeh

Posted by Admin on July 17, 2009

Terrorist act that the Rayaale government decided not to follow

The kidnapping of civilians: Unprecedented, barbaric and cowardly action

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Dr. Martin luther King

“Non-violence and cowardice are contradictory terms. Non-violence is the greatest virtue, cowardice the greatest vice. Non-violence springs from love, cowardice from hate. Non-violence always suffers, cowardice would always inflict suffering. Perfect non-violence is the highest bravery. Non-violent conduct is never demoralising; cowardice always is.” Mahatma Gandhi


So outrageous, so malignant, so disgusting and devastating to human conscience is the cowardly act perpetrated against innocent travelers who were not a party to the so called Ceelbaradle dispute. The person who is directly responsible of this act is Mohamed Sheikh- Muhammad Raage, a vicious cowardly warlord and an outlaw. Rayaale administration failed to arrest this criminal.

I would not like to go into the history of this problem in this piece, but the bottom line here today, is the capturing of the perpetrators of this vicious crime who were behind this heinous crime against humanity. The only proper action, The only right action that can address this matter right now is capturing the criminals.

The saying goes, “No Justice no peace” If the Rayaale regime can not arrest those who were behind the heinous crime against the innocent criminals, there is nothing to talk about here. No peaceful overture from any one can resolve this problem. The bottom line is there is nothing to talk about here. Hundreds of different groups can come but at the end of the day nothing will happen, and everything will go back to square one. Therefore, if anyone wants peace to come back here, the bloody criminals are to be captured, put in front of a legal court and executed, case closed. Without that happening the tension will continue, vigilantes will surely take things into their hands, more vicious atrocities will happen, and things will go out of hand and you are looking into an all out war. Again to avert this thing go out of hand right now, the right thing and the only thing to do is follows:

1. Arresting of these mooryaan cowardly killers

2. Releasing the innocent people they took as hostages

3. Releasing the 10 trucks or more they hijacked

4. Giving back the thousands of dollars and other property they looted

5. Those harboring the killers must cooperate with authorities and hand them over

Those criminals who orchestrated this criminal project were not only cold blooded killers, who can’t dare the heat of the battle to face armed warriors, but thieves, and high way robbers. These were modern Robin hoods and traditionally such people understand only one language, the language of force.

In depth analysis

What has happened in the peaceful road between Dilla and Kalabaydh last Saturday, July, 11 was something new, the dawn of a new era, a new day, a new direction, may be a new tactics to resort to when ever a disagreement about some thing ensues. That was an uncalled terrorist attack that may have changed the relationships between Somaliland communities forever. Unfortunately this may have a devastating effect on the trust level, intermingling between communities, trade and traveling between places for a very long time to come. I personally believe the perpetrators of that horrendous crime and those in the Jibril Abokar side of the so-called Ceelbardalle dispute are the same.

If this incident brings down the existence of Somaliland, Rayaale administration and Jibril Abokar will be responsible.

Therefore, I urge them to immediately hand over these barbars to the security forces. Failing to do so means, they are complicit to this genocidal act. I urge them to separate themselves from these cowards who are so frightened to come to a battle where they will face by opposing armed fighters. These cowards must not be allowed to get away with the mass murder, the mutilation and the desecration of the bodies of their unarmed and unsuspecting victims. This act shows the existence of the capacity for brutality, which is a familiar trade mark of the violent the Horn of Africa.

What had happened on Saturday, July 11, 2009 has shaken the people of Adel. It has sent shock waves through the spines of all Somalilanders. It was a day when undisciplined clan militias were allowed, and may be given a green light from the Rayaale administration, to wage an unprovoked aggression against peaceful people who were taking care of their business. It was a day when Somaliland security forces came short to do their job. Most of all it was a day when uncalled for barbarism was done on peaceful civilians traveling between Borama and Hargeisa.

All in all these animalistic actions have touched off seismic waves through out the peaceful people of Somaliland. That was a barbaric action unbecoming of all civilized behavior, out of the values of humanity, out of the teaching of all religions including Islam has taken place. It was a day when the so-called dispute confined to Ceelbardaale was expanded and on the very verge of becoming out of control,

Who can benefit from such atrocity?

The Rayaale administration is a clear beneficiary of the current of heightening of tensions. We all know how the desperate Rayaale administration has postponed the election for three times. They also have put a lot of other road block in front of the election. Many times they used the so-called election commission to, disrupt the holding of the presidential elections through many different ways and tricks. Generally the election commission is an unrepresentative that is marred by tribal bias, incompetence and in fighting. The people of Somaliland have no faith in them. Clearly the desperate Rayaale administration is behind this outrageous monstrosity, and a beneficiary of renewed conflict and war. I know this man-Rayaale will not go down easy.

Where are the political are parties Vis a Vis the terrorist act?

Missing in action. So far none of them strongly condemned the genocidal act unleashed to an unsuspecting civilians. So far none of the political parties seriously condemn the heinous act.

Where is the so-called government?

Missing in action. So far the terrorist criminals who were behind the barbaric act against civilians are still around. They are still well and kicking. Their victims never had a choice and swiftly eliminated and cut into pieces. The corrupt and despotic Rayaale regime did nothing. Instead they sent an army to a peaceful Borama, while by passing the scene of the atrocity.

Is the meeting between Rayaale and Jibril Abokar elders one day before the attack on the civilians on July, 11 is a coincidence, or was an orchestration of a joint project?

On July 10 th, 2009, a group of Jibril Abokar elders have visited Rayaale to discuss the incessant Ceelbardale conflict. The second day Somaliland was shocked to hear a two pronged attack waged against both Reer Nuur positions in Ceelbardaaale and the kidnapping of civilian travelers, in a place not that far from the location where the Reer Nuur and Jibril Abokar militias face each other. Just one day after that, Somalilanders woke up to hear the turning up of the mutilated, dead bodies of four of the kidnapped civilians.The civilians were killed gang-like, execution style. This action has sent volcanic angry reaction in Borama and other parts of Somaliland. Therefore, a cloud of suspicion surrounds that meeting.

Who was behind this kind of action?

We believe those who have carried out the terrorist action on the civilians and those fighting in Ceelbardale are the same people. The security forces failed to stop the Jibril Abokar militia to wage another war of aggression. They also failed to identity and arrest the perpetrator of this unprecedented savagery and barbarism. Moreover, the sending of Somaliland Defense Forces led by commander Tani was wrong. The armed forces should have been sent to the place of the cowardly incident. They should have been pursuing the perpeterators of the monstrous act. Those forces and the so called Rayaale goverenment should have been in the scene of the incident. It is also so amazing how the security forces can not notice 18 heavily armed gangsters hauling a convoy of 12 trucks and cars they kidnapped.


There is nothing new here; this problem has roots to a very long policy of Jibril/Abokar land expansionist, and numerous attempts to grape land and property going on for about fifty years and more. Over the years, those who were pushing that policy used all kinds of tactics, including influencing colonial officers, bribing successive corrupt governments, armed intimidation, kidnapping, and perpetrating violence against the innocent land herders and farmers and other tactics. The modern land expansionist policies include provocative acts such as random hunting of unsuspecting farmers tending their farms, or herd people tending their animals. Recently a handicapped man in his farm, a person walking in the wilderness, a young shepherdess attending to sheep and goats and other civilians were killed. The above named acts are acts of intimidation, aimed of frightening and scaring civilians. The objective is to force them to flee from their lands. This nothing but a classical ethnic cleansing project, going on and changing phases for very long time. The random violence against the farmers and animal herders was a slow ethnic cleansing policy, while the July, 11 incident was a an accelerated version of the former policy. All in all these policies are consistent, calculated and premeditated policies. Some of those policies were spilled out in several documents found about 20 years ago. What is happening today is nothing, but a carbon copy of the more than fifty years old land expansionist policies of the Jibril Abokar/Saad Musa. Many times they hide their policies under the guise of claiming Reer Nuur, Reer Mohamed, and Haber Samaroon are taking or occupying their land. In the 70ths the fascists Siyad Barre regime helped the father-the late Sheik Muhumad Raage of the modern terrorists architect of the current land grape project, warlord Mohamed Sh. Muhumad Raage, whose determined to grape huge Gadaboursi land. There is nothing new here. The killing of the innocent civilians, the constant unprovacative hunting and killing of civilians in the country side, the current kidnapping of more other 10 civilians, the looting of property and money is another new episode of an age old policy. The latter-loathing of money, property and other tactics is a new way of financing this criminal project. The perpetrators of that heinous action may be short sighted, and vicious, but they are not stupid. They know what they are doing and clearly understand their objectives. They are good but reckless gamblers who in the recent huge incident tasted the waters, whether they can get away with such an atrocious action. If they can some how pull off this criminal action, they will certainly come with more atrocious actions some of which none of us can fathom today. Awdalains and all Somalilanders for that matter, may have entered a new era that will be led and shaped by terrorist Mohamed sh. Muhumad Raage and other terrorists. If these terrorists and their expansionist mission impossible project is not stopped to its tracks, unprecedented violence will engulf all Somaliland and the end will come soon.

If the cowardly terrorists who perpetrated this kind of action are not arrested and brought to justice now, things may go out of hand, and an all out war will ensue. These policies are long time and far-sighted projects destined to wrestle all farming and grazing lands west of Hargeisa for Jibril Abokar. These are very ambitious policies.

Last not the least, I am again calling and urging the Rayaale regime to resign now, before their already tarnished image deteriorates. If they some how manage to hang around longer, Somalilanders will witness a period of incessant political upheavals, vicious civil wars, violence, the destruction of the social, and the political fiber of all Somaliland communities. If Rayaale regime stays in power, the whole Somaliland will end up in an inferno. Let us work hard to drive this weak, corrupt and inept regime out of power. This lethal and highly toxic and radio active regime, and the repercussion of their corrupt and dictatorial regime will be with us for a very long time to come. Unfortunately the opposition groups are also as incompetent as the Rayaale regime. Though most of us looking for a change, it looks like we are facing a Hobson’s choice.

Saleman Ige-Freelance writer


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