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4 innocent Men had lost their lives and sorrow is not enough, so the authorities need to catch the killers, and they should stop blaming Borama’s youths

Posted by Admin on July 17, 2009

It is a crime of against humanity and it is shame, but it is also the fact that in Somaliland 4 innocent people were being slaughtered and their mutilated bodies were collected from their killers by the elders and the governor of Gabilay district, and the killers walked away with the victim’s possessions plus uncountable hostages, and the victims were killed because they were simply originated from Awdal.

And what is even more despicable about this, is that this had happened under the noses of Gabilay elders and it’s authorities but they failed to act, and some Hargeisa and Gabilay resident are already trying to cover up the cruelty and the inhuman crime that their sons had committed against unarmed and defenceless men by blaming a foreign elements which is another insult to the victims’ families and to the people of Awdal.

So let’s not fool ourselves because the fact of the matter is that people who committed this vicious crime have faces and they have names and they have fathers’ brothers’ uncles’ aunts and their relatives are amongst Gabilay residents, and the Gabilay elders who are shedding crocodile tears over this unpleasant incident know who the perpetrator are, so the question is Why these men who committed the crime that shocked the nation remained to be free?

The answer is simple, and the reason why they are not being captured, is because that the people who committed this crime are the heroes of that area and Gabilay elders and its decision makers can not afford to lose their heroes. And until a firm decision is being taking against Gabilay decision makers there would be no justice for the victims and their families.

The racist militia who killed these innocent men are now walking around with their weapons and everybody in that area knows where they are, but nobody dare to arrest them. And bizarrely some people are still talking about sovereignty and integrity of a nation that doesn’t seem to share any goals.

It is obvious that people of Somaliland will never reconcile their differences until we see honesty and transparency within Isak’s decision makers. And until Issaq’s mentality and their perception of other clans are being changed we will never have the chance to a stable country.

It is also unfortunate that all Borama residents could do over this was to bury the mutilated body parties of the victims. And then on top of that hearing the governor of Awdal taking the platform and distributing the blame between Borama residents whom the unexpected calamity had visited upon them and the real criminals who committed the crime which everybody seem to be shocked by it, another embarrassment.

Mahamud Sh C/bdilahi and other voices coming from Hargeisa seem to carry wrong massages, and they trying to divert the blame from where it belongs to and they need to back off from their manipulations and they need to tell the truth about what had happened. No one planned to wave the dirty Mugdisho flag in Borama streets and no one needs to do such thing, but when the unexpected event visited Borama the youths expressed their feelings and no one was behind Borama’s demonstrations. So the blame game that seems to be directed towards Borama residents itself is another crime and it is insult to the people of Awdal who are still mourning for the death of their men who die in the hands of Gabilayborn evils.

We all know the people who caused this evil deeds belongs to and extreme elements that exists in Isak clans, and it is not a top secret that high ranks of Isak politicians think that the only people who deserve attention are people from Issak clan. So let us be frank with each other and deal with the situation without fooling ourselves

There were several interviews regarding the issue of Celbardaale for the last three weeks and interviewee were all important people from Hargeisa including the chairman of the parliament, and when asked what they think about the Ceelbardaale issue they all endorsed the dubious decision came out from the exclusive Isak guurti which no one had sign on behalf Dila resident

In conclusion, everybody seem to think that the killings of innocent people at the time of peace is shame but sorrows are not enough, so someone has bring the killers to justice and please those of you who making the unnecessary noises stop blaming Borama youths.

Cabdale Farah Sigad


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